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Backup Plugins for WordPress: 15 Best Options to Keep Your Data Safe

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Do you need backup plugins for WordPress that you can use to save backups of your website?

Whether you’re a developer, or someone trying to keep their WordPress site safe, backup plugins are essential. They can help protect your data and website if something goes wrong.

Having backup plugins installed on your WordPress site is essential. Not only do they help protect your data in the event of a disaster, but they also allow you to restore your website quickly and easily in case something goes wrong.

Some cases where backup plugins can be especially useful include:

  • If you want to upgrade your WordPress version or modify the code of your website. Backup plugins will ensure that you can restore your original site in case something goes wrong.
  • In case of accidental deletion of content from your website. Backup plugins can help you restore deleted data.
  • If your website is hacked. Backup plugins can help you restore the original version of the site.

There are numerous WordPress backup plugins available. We compiled a list of the best backup plugins for WordPress to help you choose the one that best fits your needs.

Choosing the best WordPress backup plugin

As you search for backup plugins for WordPress that you can use to back up your website, you can encounter a wide variety of backup plugins. Some backup plugins can’t provide other features, while more comprehensive backup plugins offer a variety of features to keep your website secure.

To choose the best backup plugin for your WordPress site, consider the following features:

Manual backups and schedule backups

It is essential to have backup plugins that can both create manual backups and schedule backup jobs. Manual backup allows you to make a backup of your website at any time. On the other hand, scheduled backup will automatically create a backup according to the schedule you set.

Backup entire website or selected files and databases

When choosing backup plugins, consider the backup options they offer. Some backup plugins allow you to backup entire websites or selected files and databases, while others can only backup selected parts of your website.

Download backups as ZIP files or send them to an email address

It is important to have backup plugins that can download backups as ZIP files for storage on your computer or external storage, or send backup archives to an email address. This will help make sure you always have a backup of your website when needed.

Restore backups with a few clicks

Backups are only useful if they can be restored quickly and easily. Make sure the backup plugins you choose have a simple backup restoration process that can be done with a few clicks.

Incremental backups for better efficiency

The incremental backup feature allows backup plugins to backup only the files that have been changed since the last backup. This helps keep backup sizes small and efficient to minimize backup time.

Real-time backups and synchronization

Real-time backup is a feature that backup plugins use to backup your website as soon as a change is detected. This helps ensure that you always have the latest backup available for quick restoration.

Security features like encryption and password protection

Backup plugins should also offer security features like encryption and password protection. It helps keep your backup data safe from unauthorized access.

Great support

Finally, backup plugins should have great support in case you run into any issues with the backup process. Look for backup plugins that offer excellent customer service and timely response times when troubleshooting backup problems.

Keep these things in mind when choosing backup plugins for your WordPress website. Having all of it in one plugin will ensure that your website is secure and backup processes are efficient.

The 15 Best Backup Plugins for WordPress

Now that you know what to look for in backup plugins, here is a list of the 15 best backup plugins for WordPress. These plugins are easy to use and offer a variety of features to keep your website data secure.

Snapshot Pro best WordPress backup plugin official website

WPMUDev offers a lot of great plugins. They provide plugins for forms, speed optimization, security, and more. And one of their plugins is Snapshot Pro.

Snapshot Pro is a backup plugin that allows you to easily backup and restore your WordPress site. The plugin has an easy-to-use interface. Even those with little technical experience will be able to navigate it without any difficulty.

Snapshot Pro has a lot of great features that make it the best WordPress backup plugin. It allows you to set up backup schedules, so you don’t have to remember when backups are due.

You’ll get an instant email alert when a backup is completed or you can restore your site with just one click. Plus, Snapshot Pro stores backups for up to 50 days and keeps them incremental and space-saving, so you don’t have to worry about losing data.

Other key features

  • Create your Snapshot Pro setup according to your preferences
  • Apply to multiple sites with just one click
  • Create as many configs as you want
  • One-click restore
  • Authentication for password-protected sites

With its great features, Snapshot Pro makes backing up your WordPress website easier and more reliable. It has a backup wizard to help you set up the backup process in minutes and its user-friendly interface makes it easy for anyone to use. It also supports cloud backup services like Amazon S3, Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and also in FTP/SFTP.


This backup plugin together with all the premium plugins of WPMU Dev is accessible under the Premium Membership plan that starts at $7.50 per month.  It also offers a 7-day free trial.

Updraft Plus website

UpdraftPlus is another backup plugin for WordPress that makes backing up your files and databases easy. It is one of the most well-known backup plugins, and it is easy to use. It has a backup schedule, so you can set backup intervals that fit your needs.

You can also backup manually whenever you want. It supports backup to a range of cloud storage services, such as Amazon S3, Dropbox, and more. This backup plugin also supports backup to your own server or an FTP account if you need that kind of access.

You’ll also have the option to choose the backup files you want to backup. This helps you backup only what’s important, and improves backup speed.

Other key features

  • Multi-site compatible
  • Limitless backup of non-WordPress files and external databases
  • Incremental backup scheduling
  • Restore features that enable you to quickly recover your site in case of data loss
  • Database backups can be secured by encryption

For the premium version of UpdraftPlus, you will get access to Updraft Vault for storing backups. Furthermore, you will get access to several add-ons such as backup migration & cloning, database search & replace, multisite support, and more. The premium version also includes priority support which is really helpful if you have any backup-related issues.


The free version of UpdraftPlus is already a great backup plugin for WordPress, but if you need more features, there’s a premium version. The pricing starts from $70.00 a year for the whole package (all add-ons, updates, and support).

BackWPup website screenshot

BackWPup is one of the best backup plugins for WordPress. With this plugin, you can rest easy knowing that your WordPress site is secure and safe.

It allows you to easily schedule automatic backups according to your site’s update frequency, backup to multiple destinations per job, synchronize files on remote backup locations (such as Google Drive and Dropbox), backup specific file paths of your site, and even has a dedicated app for emergency restores.

With its premium personalized customer support, you can feel confident that any backup issues you encounter will be handled quickly and effectively. This will ensure that you don’t lose any valuable data or have to go through a lengthy backup process.

Additionally, you can use BackWPup to migrate to a new domain with ease. This can be done with just a few clicks.

Other key features

  • Supports multi-site backup only as a network admin
  • Receive logs and  backup files via email
  • Backup archives can be encrypted and encrypted backups can be restored easily
  • Quickly restore your backup from the WordPress backend
  • Database optimization

BackWPup automatically updates via Inpsyde so you always have access to the latest features and security measures. With its comprehensive features, you can trust that your WordPress site will be backed up and safe no matter what happens.


The free version is available in the WordPress plugin repository. Premium version with extra features starts at $43.30 a year.

WP Time Capsule official website download page

As its name implies, WP Time Capsule warps your website back in time, giving you the ability to easily restore your site to a previous backup version.

With its incremental backup feature, only the changes are backed up on each backup run, so you don’t have to worry about overloading your server or dealing with large backup files.

You can backup and restore from multiple cloud storage options such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Backblaze B2, and Amazon S3. Each backup is encrypted so you know your data remains secure and private.

With WP Time Capsule’s easy backup scheduling feature, you can set up an automatic backup plan to ensure your website is regularly backed up with minimal effort or cost on your part.

Other key features

  • No zipping and multiple copies to avoid server overloading
  • Instant backup restores
  • Choose specific files to restore
  • Staging
  • Setup and forget

You can also use WP Time Capsule to quickly restore your backup from the WordPress dashboard with just a few clicks. Plus, its minimal load on your server ensures that your website still operates normally even when backup is in progress.

Any changes to your website’s files or database will trigger a backup, so you can be sure to never forget a backup again.


WP Time Capsule plugin offers three different pricing plans: Agency Plan priced at $199/year, Freelancer plan at $99/year, and Business Plan at just $49/year. The Agency plan with two sites is used for the 30-day trial. At the end of the trial period, you will be able to select a plan.

5. BlogVault

Blog Vault best backup plugin for WordPress website screenshot

BlogVault is a reliable and ultimate backup plugin for WordPress sites. It’s a Software as a Service (Saas) rather than a WordPress plugin so you don’t have to worry about any technicalities.

Using its one-click backup feature, you can easily view your website’s uptime, backup and restore your website in no time. With its incremental backup technology, you can rest assured that only the changed parts of your website are backed up to optimize performance and speed.

BlogVault also uses encryption to ensure secure backup copies of your site stored on offsite servers which can be quickly downloaded at any time you need them. BlogVault also allows you to backup your site on demand and download a zip file which can be used to restore your website at a later date.

Other key features:

  • Stores encrypt backup copies on secure offsite servers
  • One-click backup, restore, and website migrate
  • Compatible with 5,000+ hosts
  • Create staging sites in just a single click
  • 365-day backup archive on WooCommerce
  • Options for multisite backup

With its integrated security features, BlogVault can protect your website from multiple threats. It has automated malware scans, a real-time firewall, and malware removal to keep your site safe and secure.


BlogVault backup plugin starts at $89 for their Basic plan for 1 website. It also offers a 7-day free trial for its premium plans. The free version is available in the WordPress plugin repository.

Jetpack's Vault Press download page

VaultPress backup plugin is the best backup plugin for WordPress for many as it provides comprehensive backup and security solutions. Rebranded and redesigned, VaultPress is now part of Jetpack, which means it offers all the great features of Jetpack while making sure your data remains secure.

The automated backup feature stores your data in its offsite digital vault in real-time and can easily restore your backup as needed.

The backup also automatically detects and eliminates any potential viruses, malware, and other exploitable security problems keeping your website safe from threats.

VaultPress also offers automated site migration which allows you to transfer your entire website from one host to another without any hassle.

With its Automated File Repair feature, VaultPress can repair any broken or corrupted files. It also offers spam defense which keeps your website free from any unwanted emails or comments.

Other key features

  • Can restore backup even if your site is offline
  • Secure backup storage on multiple offsite servers
  • Block spammers
  • Single-click file repair
  • Best-in-class customer service

VaultPress also provides complete backup with incremental technology, making sure that no important data is left behind. You can restore your backup from anywhere through the desktop or mobile app and have unlimited backup archives. It also supports WooCommerce customer and order data backup.

The best part is that you can have automated real-time backups and daily backup so your website stays safe in case of any emergency. Most importantly, VaultPress will enable you to restore your website even if your server has crashed.


VaultPress is priced at $47.97 per month with a 7-day money-back guarantee.

Screenshot of the official website of Backup Buddy

BackupBuddy is one of the best backup plugins for WordPress. It’s been protecting over 1 million websites since 2010.

With just a few clicks, you can backup your entire website from within your WordPress dashboard and be rest assured that all of your data is safe. You can also customize what content to backup and even schedule automatic backups.

BackupBuddy also has an easy restore process, so if you ever need to recover backup files from a previous backup, it’s quick and simple. Not only that but you can send your backup files to a remote secure location for extra safety and download them whenever you want.

On top of that, BackupBuddy has a real-time backup feature that ensures all of your backup files are up-to-date and ready to be restored at any time. Plus, you can use BackupBuddy to repair and optimize your database for better performance.

Other key features

  • Backup content customization
  • Safe off-site backup methods for downloading and storing
  • Migration of website to a new host, domain, or URL
  • Cloning and staging
  • Restore WordPress with ImportBuddy

In every purchase of the plugins plan, you will get 1 GB of free Stash Live storage (5GB on the Gold plan) to store your backup files. This is in addition to the backup and restore services, making BackupBuddy a complete backup solution for WordPress sites.


BackupBuddy offers four pricing plans: Basic ($99/yr), Plus ($199/yr), Agency ($299/yr), and Developer. Each plan comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can try any of the plans risk-free.

Webpage screenshot of one of the best backup plugins for WordPress - Duplicator

Duplicator is an excellent backup and migration solution for WordPress. It allows you to backup all your WordPress files in a zip format, and supports cloud storage options such as Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Amazon S3, and more.

With Duplicator, you can easily create backups on-demand or schedule them to run at certain times. The backup will also be sent to your cloud storage, and you can even send yourself email notifications to stay up-to-date.

Plus, once you create a Duplicator package, you can use it to overwrite an old site with just 1 click.  This makes it an incredibly handy backup and migration solution for WordPress.

Other key features

  • Easily move a WordPress site between hosts
  • Perform a manual backup of a WordPress site or specific pages
  • Duplicate a live site to a staging area, or the opposite
  • Bundle together a full WordPress site for simple distribution or reuse.
  • Installs via drag and drop — simply move an archive to the desired location!
  • Migrate a website without having to struggle with clumsy import/export SQL scripts

Duplicator provides recovery points for incredibly quick site restorations in an emergency. For really quick installations, it also offers a special 2-step streamlined installer mode. This helps you backup and restore your WordPress site in no time.


It is available in both a free and a paid version. The premium version can be purchased for $69 per year.

WP Database Backup download page in WordPress repository

WP Database Backup plugin is one of the best backup plugins for WordPress with great features and a user-friendly interface. It provides an easy solution to backup your entire database in one single click, enabling you to backup automatically on a repeating schedule. You can download the backup files directly from your WordPress dashboard, making it simple and easy to use.

With WP Database Backup, installation and configuration is a breeze. With very little configuration required, you can be up and running in less than a minute. Furthermore, backup restoration is just as easy, with one click backup restore feature.

This backup plugin also provides several great features such as multiple storage destinations, allowing you to store your backup in safe places like Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3 and FTP. You can also choose to have backup reports and backup files emailed to any address.

Moreover, WP Database Backup allows you to exclude tables from backup and offers database backup list pagination, search and replace in backup file, searching backup from the list (date/database size) and sorting backup list (date/database size).

Other key features

  • Backup in zip format
  • Search and replace data in your WordPress database
  • Remove the oldest backup automatically
  • Create a clone for your site
  • Disk space checking


It’s free to use. It also offers 3 premium license plans ranging from $22.00 – $49.00 per year.

Website of Bold Grid's WordPress backup plugin Total Upkeep

Total Upkeep is a backup plugin by BoldGrid that offers all the backup features you need to keep your WordPress site safe and secure.

With Total Upkeep, you can easily backup, restore, and update backed-up versions of your website with ease.

It comes with tools to restore your site or automatically roll back failed updates, as well as set a date and time and backups will automatically run as scheduled. You can even manually create a backup at any time with just the click of a button.

Total Upkeep also offers plenty of remote storage options that include Amazon S3, Google Drive, FTP/SFTP, and more. Plus it monitors your site for errors that could cause a crash and sends you an email so you can take action.

You can also set up automated updates where Total Upkeep will take a backup first, ensuring any changes you make to your site are always safe and sound.

Other key features

  • Schedule and personalize backups
  • Restoring a single file
  • Options for remote storage
  • Encrypt the database
  • Regular automatic updates
  • Simple site migrations


Total Upkeep offers one license for only $2.50/mo, which can be used for an unlimited number of websites. Alternatively, you can opt to use the free version if your needs are more basic.

Backup Guard's website screenshot

Another great backup plugin for WordPress is Backup Guard. With backup, restore, migration, monitoring and security features to keep your website safe and sound, it serves as an all-in-one backup solution for any WordPress based website.

It allows you to backup the entire website or just select files, database tables, backup frequency, and more.

What’s more, backup and restore processes can be fully customized to suit your needs. This backup solution also makes the whole backup and restore process look easier than it is. Plus, you won’t have to worry about keeping only local copies of your backup as Backup Guard allows you to select a cloud of your preference and upload your backups right away!

Other key features

  • Backup process can also run in the background
  • Works in any low-resource environment
  • Reliable backup & restore process
  • Fast backup processing speed

To avoid interruptions, backup and restore processes are done in chunks. This helps backup process to be completed faster. Therefore, backup and restore will take less time from your busy schedule.


Backup Guard is available in three different pricing plans with a starting cost of $25 a year. With the free plan, you can create backups for 1 website (lifetime).

Screenshot of BackUpWordPress in WordPress repository

Here’s another backup plugin with “backup” on its name, and it really lives up to its purpose. The BackUpWordPress plugin is the ultimate solution for ensuring your website backup needs are taken care of.

It’s a great backup plugin because it doesn’t require any setup configurations on your end, so you can rest easy knowing that upon activation, it’ll backup your files directly out of the box. It’ll store backup files by default in the /wp-content/backups location of your website, but you can easily change the path if you want to. Plus, it enables you to exclude the files that you don’t want to back up.

The best part? Its premium add-ons have been discontinued, so you won’t have to worry about any hidden costs!

Other key features

  • Supports shared host situations with limited memory
  • Exclude specific files and directories from backup
  • Email a backup file to yourself
  • Multi-schedule management
  • Performs well even in low-memory, “shared host” settings
  • Manage numerous schedules

To make backups faster, the backup plugin uses zip and mysqldump if they are available. The plugins also work on both Linux and Windows Server.


Like I said lately, there are no premium add-ons anymore. Thus, you don’t have to worry about any hidden costs – the backup plugin is free.

Website screenshot of another best backup plugin for WordPress - Backup Migration

Again, another backup plugin with “backup” in its name. Backup Migration plugin is one of the perfect tools for website backup needs.

It’s extremely easy to use – all you have to do is install it, click on “Create backup now” and that’s it! From there, you can also schedule backups on a daily or monthly basis so they run automatically.

You can easily control what’s added and excluded in the backup, as well as choose between local storage options for backup file storage.

Control what you want to add and exclude from your backup, and comfortably backup and restore your website using Backup Migration backup plugin. With its ease of use and reliability, you can rest assured that your backup needs are taken care of.

Other key features

  • Automatically create backups
  • Fast backup and restore process
  • Best customer assistance to handle the challenging cases
  • Fast migration process to move your website to another host

While the plugin is still improving, there are already some great features included in the premium version. External storage options, zipping backup files and backup creation triggers are some of these upcoming features soon to be released.


This backup plugin is free for file size up to 2gb. The unlimited version will cost you just $19.98 with a 180 days license duration.

WPVivid is one of the best backup plugins for WordPress. It offers basic features like backup, migration, and staging for free.

It also allows you to send your backup files to remote storage locations and use them for migrating your site. WPVivid lets you clean up unused images before backing up the website which is certainly a useful feature.

For users running a multisite network, this backup plugin allows you to migrate a single child site to a single WordPress install. This makes it easier if you want to move the site from one server to another.

With its customizable backup feature, you can backup only the changes made to your website since the last backup. The database backup encryption makes sure that your data is safe when backed up and its staging sites with the ‘push to live’ feature lets you make changes to your website without affecting the site performance.

Other key features

  • Rules for flexible backup retention
  • Indicate certain WPvivid modules or functionality for various user roles
  • Setup one or more email accounts to get backup report notifications
  • White label

WPVivid has quickly become one of the best backup plugins for WordPress. With its great features, you can rest assured that your website is safe and secure.


WPVivid backup plugin starts at $29.4 for the yearly plan and $59.4 for the lifetime plan, with a 100% refund within 30 days after purchase.

Website screenshot of one of the best backup plugins for WordPress - All-in-One WP Migration

All-in-One WP Migration is the last in our list of backup plugins for WordPress. But it doesn’t mean it’s not worth your attention, as this backup plugin comes with a number of great features.

It supports custom uploads, plugins, and theme folders which makes the backup process much easier. It is available in over 50 language translations, making it one of the most versatile backup plugins out there.

The best part? It has no limitations on the host or operating system.

This backup plugin is also accessible for individuals with disabilities where it became WCAG 2.1 AA Level compliant, which further proves how reliable it is. Moreover, All-in-One WP Migration supports a vast range of hosting providers, so you can rest assured that your backup will be taken care of no matter what provider you use.

Other key features

  • Compatible with mobile devices.
  • Website URLs are automatically and flawlessly replaced after import
  • Complete product support
  • WPRESS files can be browsed online with Traktor Web
  • Utilize Traktor Desktop to extract WPRESS files from your computer

All-in-One WP Migration also offers a long list of premium extensions. These give you the power to do more with your backup and protect your site even further. If you are looking for backup plugins for WordPress that offer maximum security, All-in-One WP Migration is really worth considering.


This backup plugin is very reasonable, with a free option available to get started and then the choice to upgrade for $69/year if you need unlimited file upload size.


No matter what backup plugin you choose, it is essential to make sure that it is reliable and suitable for your website. These 15 best WordPress backup plugins provide users with the ability to create manual and scheduled backups, restore them with a few clicks, secure their data with encryption and password protection, and much more.

With any of these backup plugins, you can be sure that your website will be well-protected. So take the time to find the backup plugin that best fits your needs and make sure to keep it up to date for maximum protection.

We hope our list of the 15 best WordPress backup plugins has helped you find the backup plugin that will make protecting your website easier and more. Spread the word by sharing this article with your friends and colleagues, or leave us a comment if you have any questions.

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