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7 Best AI Image Generator for Business

Graphic image of an AI holding an image representing the best AI image generator tools online

Are you looking to create stunning visuals for your business? It’s a great tool that can help you produce impressive graphics with ease. AI graphic generator tools are a great way to get creative with your visual marketing, and they offer unique benefits over traditional methods.

In this article, we’ll delve into the best AI image generator tools available on the market, and also explore how to effectively implement them in your business strategy.

What is an AI Image Generator

An AI Image Generator, or also known as an AI Art Generator, is a form of artificial intelligence software that uses algorithms to create art automatically. It utilizes machine learning to generate graphics from scratch, or use existing images and add effects to them. These generators are becoming increasingly popular for both professional and personal use.

How AI Image Generators Work

AI image generators use a series of algorithms to generate graphics. First, the AI model is trained on a dataset of images and data points, such as colors and textures. Once it has learned from this data set, the AI model can apply its knowledge to create new artworks from scratch. Finally, using its knowledge of colors, textures, and shapes, the AI generator can create unique visuals for your business.

Benefits of AI Image Generators

AI image generators are becoming a popular choice for businesses looking to create stunning visuals quickly and easily. With the help of artificial intelligence algorithms, these generators can produce unique graphics from scratch or add effects to existing images. Here are some of the benefits of using AI image generators:

Quickly generate high-quality visuals

 – Instead of spending hours manually creating graphics. As a result, you can use an AI generator to produce high-quality visuals in a fraction of the time.

Produce unique designs

 – AI image generators can create visuals that are truly unique. With its knowledge of colors, textures, and shapes, the generator can produce graphics that stand out from the crowd.

Reduce costs associated with graphic design

 – By using AI image generators to generate visuals for your business, you can reduce the cost associated with hiring a professional graphic designer. This makes it a great choice for businesses on a budget.

Personalized images

– Because these tools use machine learning algorithms, they can create personalized visuals based on data points such as colors and textures. This helps make your visuals stand out from the crowd.

Create visually appealing content without any design skills

 – AI image generators make it easy to create visually appealing visuals, even if you don’t have any design skills. This makes it easy for anyone to produce stunning visuals for their business.

7 Best AI Image Generator Tools

Today, there are a lot of AI image generators available on the market. As the demand for creative visuals is increasing, these generators are becoming increasingly popular. We’ve compiled a list of the best AI image generator tools available online.

Dall-E 2 best AI image generator tool official webpage

Dall-E 2 is one of the best AI image generator tools available today. OpenAI created it to produce images from prompts. They trained it on hundreds of millions of images pulled from the Internet and uses a technique called latent diffusion to learn associations between words and images. The results are rendered visually as a 1024×1024 pixel image in almost any artistic style. 

The benefits of using Dall-E 2 are numerous. Its ability to produce high-quality images from text prompts allows users to quickly and easily create visuals that can be used in various ways. This includes advertising campaigns, websites, digital projects, and other visual content. Moreover, by taking the time to properly describe a desired image in words, users can quickly generate visuals that accurately reflect their desired aesthetic.

One of Dall-E 2’s most impressive features is its “Outpainting” feature. This feature allows users to upload an image and extend its borders using image synthesis. Using this feature, users can quickly fill in the details of a photo or create entirely new images with similar visual qualities. Additionally, Outpainting can merge several photos into one by generating a visual bridge between them, blending styles.

DALLE 2 has the ability to take a picture and alter it into many variations that are influenced by the original. It produces a number of variations so that users can choose the one that best suits their needs. It can also take a photo and apply various artistic styles to it, so users can quickly give photos an entirely new look. All of these features make Dall-E 2 a powerful tool for creating visuals in any project.

The combination of all these features makes Dall-E 2 an extremely versatile and powerful AI tool. It provides users with a quick and easy way to generate visuals that are tailored to the user’s needs, while also offering creative alternatives for expanding the user’s artistic range. With its ability to learn from millions of images, Dall-E 2 is an invaluable resource for creating visuals for any project.


Starts at $15 for 155 credits

With free 50 credits for the first month and then 15 free credits for every month after that

Flair AI powered editing tool homepage

Flair is an AI graphic tool that helps you create branded content. It has a few great features that make it easy to use. You can drag and drop your branded assets into the flexible Canvas. This makes it easy to create a design that looks good and is consistent with your brand. Additionally, by using accessories, you can build a world around your product. Furthermore, Flair AI will fill in the blank spaces so you don’t have to worry about it.

Flair can generate high-end product photography in minutes. This is great for businesses that need to create product images quickly. You can use the product images in your marketing materials, on your website, or on social media. As a result, you can create professional-looking product images without having to hire a photographer.

Flair also has smart prompting. This feature suggests design elements that will make your design look better. This can be helpful if you’re not sure what to add to your design. With smart prompting, you can create a high-quality design even if you’re not a professional designer.

One of the main benefits of Flair is that it uses AI to generate designs. Therefore, you don’t have to spend a lot of time anymore creating design. You can simply drag and drop your assets into Canvas and let Flair do the rest. This can save you a lot of time and effort.

Overall, Flair is one of the best AI graphic generator tools for creating branded content. It’s easy to use and can help you create high-quality designs in minutes. With Flair, you can create professional-looking product images, build a world around your product and make use of smart prompting to improve your designs. Thus, it saves your time and effort, and help you create designs that are consistent with your brand.


Free (Still in private beta)

Illustroke AI svg image online generator web page

Illustroke is the best AI art generator tool in terms of vector illustrations generated from text prompts. Choose the style you prefer and download the illustrations in SVG format. That’s how easy it is.

One of the best things about Illustroke is that it doesn’t require any attribution. Also, it comes with a free commercial license. Each token you purchase is equivalent to one illustration generation request. In each request, Illustroke generates three variants of the same illustration, so you can choose the best one.

Illustroke uses AI to generate SVG illustrations. Illustroke trains its AI to understand text prompts and generate illustrations matching the user’s preferences. Therefore, Illustroke can generate illustrations tailored to your needs. The illustrations are not only beautiful but also relevant to the text prompts.

With Illustroke, you can create illustrations for your website, blog, or social media posts. The illustrations can also be used for presentations, infographics, and other visual content. Illustroke can be used by businesses, educators, and individuals alike.

For businesses, Illustroke can help to create visual content that is engaging and relevant to their target audience. Illustroke can also help create illustrations that make learning more fun and interactive for educators. And for individuals, Illustroke can help to create illustrations that express their thoughts and ideas in a unique way.

Illustroke can also benefit users by saving them time and money. No need to spend hours creating illustrations yourself or pay for expensive illustrations. It generates high-quality illustrations quickly and at a low cost. As a result, you can easily create stunning illustrations that will make your visual content stand out.


$5 for 50 tokens and $15 for 200 tokens

With free 2 tokens for starters

PatternedAI best image AI generator for patterned images webpage

PatternedAI is the best AI image generator tool for creating unique patterned designs. With just a few keywords, its AI pattern generator creates custom designs for your product.

You can generate unlimited patterned designs. However, attribution and a link back to them are required. Additionally, you can search and create thousands of royalty-free patterns for every surface. 

Benefits of using PatternedAI include saving time and effort in pattern creation. Instead of having to manually design patterns, AI does the work for you. This means you can focus on other aspects of your product development. Additionally, the generated designs are unique and customized for your product, giving it a unique edge in the market.

Another benefit is the availability of thousands of royalty-free patterns. You’ll never be worried about copyright infringement. At the same time, you can use the patterns as much as you want without any additional cost. This can save you a lot of money in the long run, as well as give you access to a wide variety of designs.

Overall, PatternedAI is a useful tool for those in the design and product development industry. Its AI graphic generator for patterns saves time and effort while providing unique and customized designs. The availability of thousands of royalty-free patterns also makes it a cost-effective option. With PatternedAI, you can easily create unique patterns for your product and take your design game to the next level.


$10 for 100 image generations (Royalty free without retribution)

With free 10 patterned image generations

Stockimg AI image generator tools website

StockImg is one of the best AI art generator tools that help create images quickly and easily. It helps users design images for their organization and for personal use. The AI generates images based on prompts, making the process simple and efficient.

One of the key features of StockImg is its ability to generate images with the help of AI. Users can quickly and easily create high-quality images that are tailored to their needs. The AI is able to analyze the prompts and generate images that are both visually appealing and relevant to the user’s needs.

Another benefit of StockImg is its ability to design the best cover for your book in seconds. Whether you’re an author, publisher, or designer, it can help you create a professional-looking cover that will help your book stand out. With the help of AI, the process is quick and easy, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your book.

StockImg also allows users to design the best stock image in seconds. Whether you’re a marketer, designer, or blogger, StockImg can help you create relevant images for your audience.

The tool also helps users design the best wallpaper for their device in seconds. Users can create unique and visually appealing wallpapers that will personalize their devices. In addition, it generates images tailored to users’ preferences, making the process simple and efficient.

StockImg can also help design posters for your organization in seconds. Easily create professional-looking posters that will help you promote your organization. Moreover, the process is quick and easy, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your organization.


Free – 1 image credit
$19 per month – 500 image credits
$29 per month – 1000 image credits
$299 per month – 5000 image credits

StockAI library of AI generated images home page

StockAI is a unique stock image website that features only AI-generated images. All the photos on the website are created by artificial intelligence. This makes them unique and not found on other stock image websites.

StockAI allows users to use the images without attribution. As a result, you can use the images in your projects without having to give credit to the website or the creator.

Another great feature of StockAI is that the AI-generated stock photos are free to use. This is a huge benefit for users who are on a budget and need high-quality images for their projects. Popular categories on StockAI include Nature, Mountain, and Portrait. This means that users can easily find the perfect image for their project by browsing through these popular categories.

StockAI also offers a wide variety of photos to choose from. With thousands of AI-generated stock photos, users are sure to find the perfect image for their project. Additionally, the website offers a search feature that makes it easy to find the perfect image. Users can search by keywords, categories, and even by color.

The photos on StockAI can be used for both commercial and non-commercial purposes. Users can use the images for their business, website, or personal projects without any restrictions. The website also offers a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for users to find and download the images they need.

StockAI is a great resource for anyone looking for high-quality, unique, and free stock images. The website offers AI-generated photos with a wide variety of options for both commercial and non-commercial use. With no attribution needed and a user-friendly interface, StockAI is the perfect resource for anyone looking for unique and high-quality images.


All images are available for free download and usage.

Cleanup.Pictures online tool for editing image website

Cleanup Picture is a powerful tool for removing unwanted objects from pictures in just seconds. Its advanced retouching features allow you to improve the quality of your images quickly and easily. Furthermore, the tool is much better than other popular clone stamp tools. This makes it an ideal choice for professionals and amateurs alike.

With Cleanup Picture, you can import and edit pictures of any size, and export them with a resolution of 720px for the free version. Moreover, the Pro version has no size limit for exporting. Additionally, Cleanup Picture is also available as an iOS app, making it easy to use on the go.

The Cleanup Picture’s A.I. algorithm reconstructs the image behind the removed object with just one click. This means you can achieve professional results in a few clicks. No need for expensive software or complicated editing techniques. Furthermore, the adjustable brush feature allows you to select the object you want to remove with precision. It makes removing even small or complex objects easy.

This tool really benefits users by providing a fast and easy way to remove unwanted objects from pictures. This is ideal for those who want to improve their photos for personal or professional use.

As a result, Cleanup Picture makes it easy to achieve the results you want for your images. It’s very useful for those who want to remove unwanted objects from their personal photos easily and quickly.


Free – unlimited images, 720p resolution limit

$3 per month – unlimited pages, unlimited resolution

$5 per month – Pro features (Image upscaler pro, Backgound remover pro, and more)

Implementing these Best AI Image Generator Tools in Your Business

AI image generators have a wide range of applications in the business world, from marketing and advertising to product design and e-commerce. Here are just a few examples of how businesses are using these tools to enhance their operations:

Graphic Design: AI Image Generators can be used to create custom graphics and visual elements for websites and other marketing materials. They can also be used to design logos, packaging, and other visual elements that help define a brand.

Product Design: AI Image Generators can be used to create 3D models and visual prototypes of products. This can be especially useful in industries such as fashion, where designers need to quickly see how a new product will look.

E-commerce: AI Image Generators can be used to create custom product images for e-commerce websites. This can help businesses showcase their products in a unique and eye-catching way, which can drive sales and increase customer engagement.

Marketing and Advertising: AI Image Generators can be used to create unique and attention-grabbing visuals for marketing and advertising campaigns. They can also be used to produce dynamic and engaging content for social media, such as videos and animations.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, AI graphic generator tools are revolutionizing the way businesses produce visuals for their products and campaigns. With the help of these tools, businesses can quickly create stunning visuals that are sure to grab the attention of customers.

Whether you’re a professional graphic designer, a product designer, or an e-commerce business owner, AI art generators can help you create visuals that will make your products stand out from the crowd. There is no doubt that these tools will continue to be a powerful asset for businesses in the future.

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