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6 Best AI Music Generator and Audio Enhancer Tools for Business

AI robot with music note

Businesses nowadays are leveraging the use of AI audio enhancer and generator tools. This made audio editing and creation easier, cost-effective, and time-efficient.

In this generation when audio plays an important role in businesses, the AI audio tool is essential.  This technology helps to expedite audio production. Also, it makes it easy for businesses to create and produce great audio experiences even with limited resources.

Benefits of using AI audio tools

Having an AI audio tool in your arsenal can make audio editing a breeze. It provides a lot of benefits  such as:

Increased efficiency and productivity

AI audio tools automate repetitive tasks, reducing the need for manual labor and freeing up employees to focus on more important tasks. This can lead to increased productivity and faster completion of projects.

Improved sound quality

AI audio enhancer tools can improve the sound quality of any audio and make it sound better than ever before.  With its sophisticated algorithms, AI can identify even small details in an audio file and enhance them to produce a high-quality output.

Cost savings

Using AI audio tools can help businesses save money by reducing the cost of audio production.  This is because AI-enhanced audio files require less manual labor and time to create. And with AI music generator tools, you don’t need to buy licenses to use a music, making it a cost-effective option.

Automation of tedious tasks

AI audio tools can automate tedious and time-consuming tasks such as transcribing,  sound mixing,  and mastering.  This can lead to better results with minimal effort.

6 Best AI audio tools for Business

We’ve compiled a list of the best AI audio tools for businesses.  Included in this list are AI audio enhancer and AI music generator tools that can help businesses create great audio experiences faster and easier.

Krisp AI website homepage

Krisp is a powerful AI audio enhancer tool that helps users remove background noise from their calls and online meetings. One of its key features is its ability to cancel out any kind of noise, whether it be background voices, echoes, or other distractions. This ensures that users have distraction-free calls, which is especially important during important meetings or calls.

Another important feature of Krisp is that it processes the user’s voice on their device only. This means that their voice never leaves their device, which is important for maintaining privacy and security. The tool also uses encrypted connections and SOC-2, Google OAuth, and SAML for added security.

Krisp also supports more than 800 communication apps, which makes it a versatile tool for different users. It also keeps track of the user’s time spent speaking during online meetings and provides insights at the end of each call to reflect on their performance and evaluate the effectiveness of the call.

One of the most significant benefits of Krisp is its noise-canceling technology. The tool eliminates background noises from the microphone and speaker, ensuring distraction-free calls. It also eliminates echoes bouncing off of the walls and those resulting from the user’s own voice or a sensitive mic. This makes it an ideal tool for people who work in noisy environments or have to make calls in public places.

Another benefit of Krisp is its ability to help users improve their communication skills over time. The insights gathered from the user’s calls are for them to view and use, which can help them become better communicators and make more inclusive conversations with their coworkers.

Lastly, Krisp captures data but never the audio, which means that it is safe to use, and users can be sure that their conversations are private and secure. Overall, Krisp is a powerful and versatile tool that offers a variety of features and benefits that help users improve their communication skills and have distraction-free calls.


Pro – $8/mo

Business – $10/mo

With lifetime free plan

Beatoven AI tool website homepage

Beatoven is a music composing tool that helps users make unique music tracks for their content. It’s easy to use, you can choose a genre, make cuts, change the mood, and compose. It’s good for video and podcast creators.

Users can customize the music to match their content, length, genre, mood, and instruments. Beatoven uses advanced AI technology. It combines music theory and production to create professional-sounding music. The music tracks are ready to use, mixed and mastered.

One of the best things about Beatoven is its advanced AI music generation technique. It creates unique mood-based music to match the tone and mood of the user’s content. This makes the content stand out and engaging.

Beatoven is also good for people who don’t have any musical skills. They can create professional-sounding music without any music knowledge. It’s a perfect tool for anyone who wants to add unique and professional-sounding music to their content.

Beatoven is a tool that really helps in creating unique music for videos and podcasts. It’s easy to use and customize to match the content. It uses AI technology to create professional-sounding music. It’s good for both people with music skills and those without. Perfect for adding unique music to content.


Pro – $20 per month

With lifetime free plan

Cleanvoice AI audio tool website homepage

Cleanvoice is a tool that helps users have their podcast or audio recordings noise free. It uses an AI algorithm to detect and remove unwanted sounds. This makes the audio recording more polished and professional.

One of the key features of Cleanvoice is its multilingual filler sound remover. It can detect and remove filler sounds such as “um’s” and “ah’s” even in any language. This makes it useful for users who create content in different languages.

The algorithm can also work with accents from other countries. Regardless of the speaker’s accent, Cleanvoice can help to remove filler sounds. This makes the audio recording clear and easy to understand.

Another important feature of Cleanvoice is the mouth sound and stuttering removal. It helps to remove any unwanted sounds such as lip smacking or throat clearing. This makes the audio recording more polished.

Cleanvoice also makes dead air short and helps you make your podcast more engaging.

Users can also export the timeline in their editor and let Cleanvoice show them what they would like to edit. This gives them more control and saves them time while editing.

Cleanvoice offers features that make audio recordings more polished and professional. Its AI algorithm can detect and remove unwanted sounds in multiple languages and with different accents. This makes it a versatile tool for anyone looking to improve their podcast or audio recording.



  • 10 hours credit per month – 10€
  • 30 hours credit per month – 25€
  • 100 hours credit per month – 80€

Pay as you Go (credits can be use within 2 years)

  • 5 hours credit – 10€
  • 10 hours credit – 18€
  • 30 hours credit – 40€

With free trial (30 minutes of credit)

Podcastle AI audio enhancer tool website homepage

Podcastle is an audio editing tool that offers a lot of features to help you create high-quality audio content. One of the key features of Podcastle is multi-track recording. It allows you to record remote interviews in studio quality with local recordings of each track.

Another useful feature of Podcastle is audio transcription. It can convert your live speech or audio files into text in just a matter of seconds. This makes it easy to transcribe interviews or speeches. It can also save a lot of time and effort compared to manual transcription.

Podcastle also offers intuitive editing tools. These include auto-leveling, dynamic fading, royalty-free music and effects, and much more. This makes it easy to create polished, professional-sounding audio content, even if you don’t have a lot of editing experience.

Podcastle also includes a text-to-speech feature. It can turn any text into a variety of lifelike human voices. This allows you to add voiceovers or narration to your podcast. You don’t need to have someone to do your narrations anymore.

Magic dust is another feature of Podcastle. It makes your audio sound flawless with that professional studio touch. Works alongside an equalizer and AI-powered noise cancellation.

It also includes an iOS mobile app that lets you record and interview on the go without sacrificing quality. You can then continue editing your project on the web-based platform.

Podcastle uses AI to isolate voice and enhance speech by removing the background voice. This means that your podcast will be crisp, clear, and easy to understand, even if there is a lot of background noise. Overall, it offers a powerful set of features that can help you create high-quality audio content quickly and easily. Whether you’re a podcasting pro or just starting out, Podcastle has something to offer.


Storyteller – $11.99 per month

Pro – $23.99 per month

With lifetime free plan

Mubert AI music generator tool website homepage

Mubert is one of the best AI music generator tools that use advanced algorithms in creating music. It is designed to make it easy for users to create a soundtrack that is perfect for their content. The platform can be used on a variety of platforms, including YouTube, TikTok, podcasts, and videos. It allows users to select the parameters of their future soundtrack in a matter of seconds. Then it will generate extraordinary music right away.

One of the key benefits of using Mubert is that it provides royalty-free background music. It can be used commercially however you like. Users can use the music in their content without having to worry about paying royalties or getting permission. The music generated by Mubert is also perfectly tailored to the user’s content, making it ideal for use in videos, podcasts, and other types of media.

Mubert’s AI-based algorithms generate music by analyzing a variety of factors, such as the mood, style, and length of the content. It then uses this information to generate music that is perfectly tailored to the user’s needs. This makes it easy for users to create a soundtrack that is perfectly suited to their content. No need to spend hours searching for the right music anymore.

The platform is also very easy to use. Users can simply select the parameters of their future soundtrack and generate music in seconds. This makes it ideal for busy creators who need to produce a lot of content quickly. In addition, Mubert offers a wide variety of styles and genres of music. This means that users can always find the perfect soundtrack for any of their content.

Overall, Mubert is a powerful and versatile platform that can benefit creators in a wide variety of ways. Its AI-based algorithms make it easy to generate music that is perfectly suited to your content. The fact that it is royalty-free means that users can use the music in their content without having to worry about any legal issues. Whether you are a YouTuber, TikTok creator, podcast host, or video producer, Mubert can help you create a soundtrack that will take your content to the next level.


Creator – $14 per month

Pro – $39 per month

With lifetime free plan

Soundraw AI music generator tool homepage

Soundraw is one of the best ai music generator tools available that lets you create beautiful songs easily. One of the best things about Soundraw is that you can adjust the music to suit your needs. This means you can make the sound match the style and tone of your project, whether it’s a video, podcast, or game.

Another great feature of Soundraw is that you won’t get into trouble with copyright laws. This is because the music you create is original and unique, so you don’t have to worry about any legal issues. Soundraw also provides an all-inclusive license. This lets you use the music you create for personal and commercial projects without additional charges.

One of the biggest benefits of Soundraw is that even if you unsubscribe, you still keep the license to use the songs you’ve downloaded. This means you can continue to use the music you’ve created even after your subscription ends. Also, the license remains the same regardless of how many views your content gets, Soundraw will not ask for more money.

Another great thing about Soundraw is that it uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to generate music. This means that it can produce unique and original sounds that are hard to make with traditional music production methods. This makes Soundraw a great option for anyone who wants to make music quickly and easily.

In summary, Soundraw is a versatile and powerful ai music generator tool that offers many features and benefits to users. Whether you’re a professional musician, a video creator, or someone who wants to create unique and original music, Soundraw is worth checking out.


Personal Plan – $16.99 per month

With lifetime free plan

Implementing AI audio tools in your business

AI audio tools are becoming increasingly popular in the business world as a way to enhance content and create unique soundtracks for videos, podcasts, and other types of media.  Not only do AI audio tools make it easier to produce content quickly, but they also offer a variety of features that can be extremely advantageous for businesses. 

By leveraging the power of AI, businesses can use these tools to create professional-quality audio that is perfectly tailored to their needs.  Additionally, the AI music generators on this list are royalty-free, meaning there are no additional fees or legal issues associated with using them.

Incorporating AI audio tools into your business can be an extremely efficient way to create content.  From podcast intros and outros to music for videos, these tools make it easy to quickly generate professional-quality audio that is perfectly suited to your needs. 

Additionally, AI audio tools allow you to adjust the sound of any track so that it fits with the style and tone of your project.  This means that you won’t have to spend hours looking for the perfect background music or sound effects.


AI audio tools offer businesses a great way to enhance their content and create unique soundtracks quickly and easily.  Whether you are a YouTuber, TikTok creator, podcast host, or video producer, whatever online business you have, these tools can help you create and enhance audio that is perfectly suited to your needs. 

With the power of an AI audio enhancer tool, you can produce professional-quality sounds with minimal effort and no additional fees.  And if you need unique and original music, the best AI music generator tools can help you create a track that is perfectly suited to your needs.  Leverage the use of AI audio tools to make your content stand out and achieve success.

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