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Adding Forms and Surveys to Generate Leads

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The quest for effective lead generation is akin to a strategic game of chess. Mastering the art of decoding your audience’s needs becomes your winning move. Picture this: your very own digital chessboard, where the pieces are not knights and rooks, but forms and surveys. These unsung heroes are your secret weapons. It silently gathers insights and turns passive clicks into strategic victories.

Forms are your frontline soldiers, gathering data with precision. On the flip side, surveys play silent detectives, unveiling customer preferences.

Unraveling their role, we’ll explore how they decode behavior, unlocking a thriving online presence. Get ready for the dynamic duo to elevate your marketing game.

Features You’ll Surely Need in a Form and Survey Builder

Screenshot of ZedNow's forms and surveys builder.

There are a lot of form and survey builders available today. But, do they truly deliver everything you need? With ZedNow Marketing Automation System, it’s not just about creating forms; it’s about unlocking a suite of features that redefine data collection.

Let’s delve into the unique and powerful features that set ZedNow apart, taking your forms and surveys to new heights.

Fully Customizable Look

Forms and surveys should never be boring. Customize everything – colors, layouts, backgrounds. With collections of professional themes, your data collection becomes a visual masterpiece. Choose from cool backgrounds or upload your own. Make it uniquely yours, creating a memorable experience that resonates with your brand.

Workflow Mastery

Ever wished your forms could set off a chain reaction of automated actions? Set up workflows that kick into gear once your prospects submit a form or survey. From sending personalized follow-up emails to updating your CRM, the possibilities are endless. It’s like having a digital assistant working behind the scenes to ensure no opportunity slips through the cracks. 

Exporting to Google Spreadsheet

Banish manual data headaches! Simplify data management – export form and survey answers straight to Google Spreadsheet. With automated workflows, effortlessly organize and analyze responses, turbocharging your data-driven decision-making.

Custom Fields Galore

Not all businesses are alike, and your data collection methods shouldn’t be either. With a variety of custom fields, tweak your forms and surveys to capture the specific info you need. From text fields to checkboxes, customize to your heart’s content and gather the insights that matter most. Tailor-made data for your unique business needs.

Conditional Logic Automation

Conditional logic in ZedNow's survey builder.

Why settle for basic responses? Opt for smart, dynamic interactions! Conditional logic automation lets you set rules for forms and surveys based on user inputs. It tailors your interactions, showing specific questions or triggering follow-up actions without manual effort. Make your interactions personalized and relevant effortlessly!

Email Notifications and Auto Responder

Effortlessly stay connected through email notifications and auto responders. Get instant alerts for form submissions, keeping you updated in real-time. Set up auto responders to promptly acknowledge submissions, making your audience feel valued and engaged right after they hit ‘submit.’ 

As you explore these features, you’ll find that ZedNow brings a unique and powerful edge to form and survey creation, simplifying the process without compromising on sophistication.

The Benefits of using Forms and Surveys in your Digital Marketing

Unlock forms and surveys’ full potential for success by going beyond data collection. Discover five key benefits that turn these tools into powerful assets for your digital arsenal.

  • Gain valuable insights into preferences, opinions, and expectations. This allows you to tailor your strategies for maximum impact.
  • You not only collect data but also convert visitors into potential leads. This helps fueling your sales pipeline effortlessly.
  • You can craft targeted and personalized marketing campaigns. Say goodbye to the one-size-fits-all approach and hello to resonant, effective communication with your audience.
  • Lets you fine-tune your products, services, and customer experience. Leverage this valuable input to make informed decisions and keep evolving in a competitive digital landscape.
  • Effortlessly save time and streamline processes with the help of ZedNow’s automation. Set triggers and workflows, turning form submissions into meaningful actions seamlessly.

It becomes clear that forms and surveys are not just tools; they’re dynamic catalysts for growth and success in the digital realm.


The power of forms and surveys lies not just in the data they collect, but in the insights they unearth. With ZedNow Marketing Automation System, crafting and utilizing these tools becomes a breeze, offering digital marketers a streamlined path to valuable information.

Remember, it’s not just about what you gather, but how you wield that data to refine your strategies and foster meaningful connections. So, embrace the power of forms and surveys and transform data into your ultimate ally in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

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